An inauspicious start to the year

Well, NLMI has had a rather slow start to the year with a grand total of 0 mountain images. The weather has been truly inspirational, that is it has inspired misery and gloom. I had 17 days off work over the festive period and the mountaineering/photographic extravaganza I had envisioned just didn’t happen.

Welcome 2012 and nothing new I’m afraid…storms have kept me away from the mountains and now I’m back at work stunning light taunts me only to disappear come the weekend. It’s getting on my wick, I can tell you!

So, as we approach the third week of 2012 I have two half decent images; one from a nice walk around Swithland Wood and another from today’s outing to one of my local haunts, Eyebrook Reservoir. Nothing to write home about but they’re a start.

Let’s hope that things pick up soon before I become impossible to live with!

Over the hedge
Over the hedge – A brief appaerance of some decent light…it didn’t last!

In Swithland Wood
Lucie in Swithland Wood


~ by nicklivesey on January 8, 2012.

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