Cwm Llugwy

Ffynnon Llugwy
Cwm Llugwy is a special place, a quiet place, a place where wild ponies graze, hardy and mysterious beasts which enchant all who come upon them. It can be found above the horrendous arrow-straight slash of tarmac which starts from the A5 below the great East Face of Tryfan before crossing the barren moorland of Nant y Benglog, finishing a stone’s throw from Ffynnon Llugwy reservoir.
More times than I care to remember I have walked this way, either at the start of an ascent to Pen yr Helgi Du or more often at the end of that blissful 10 mile tramp over the high Carneddau tops and that’s how it was today.

It has been a day of clear blue skies and a bitter wind. Perfect for some but not the photographer. I didn’t hold out much hope of capturing anything special but that’s not really the point. I was treading these ancient hills to calm a mind full of the clattering echoes of a busy factory, a factory in which I spend most of my waking hours dreaming of perfect days such as this.

Now, at the end of the day a change is afoot. Clouds which had been bothering Snowdon all day have drifted across and through them the low sun begins to work its magic on the landscape. I trot out over bogland and quickly find a good place from which to watch the show.
Wall and Llewelyn
The light is changing by the second, illuminating the crags above Bwlch Eryl Farchog before throwing the switch, leaving them shadowy and cold. I know what I’m after and I wait. The light gets better and better, ripening inexorably but soon that magic moment will pass; gone forever.

Ten minutes later I am once again treading that tarmac road, chattering excitedly and somewhat incoherently to the long suffering Lucie, thrilled in the knowledge that I’ll be able to share some of the magic of Cwm Llugwy with you folk.
The long walk out

The mighty Tryfan from Cwm Llugwy


~ by nicklivesey on January 17, 2012.

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