It’s all about the light

As I’m a landscape photographer you might reasonably assume that my main subject matter is landscapes. Well, that’s kind of true but not quite. You see for my images or at least the images I strive to capture a landscape scene is just the starting point. Bear with me here!

Take the image below for instance, ‘Across Pen y Bwlch from Moel y Ci’. I’ve looked at this view plenty of times without any inclination to point a camera at it. Why? Well, because the light was rubbish. Now you may think that light is light and you would be right. Light is neither good nor bad; unless of course you are a photographer when light can be good, bad, indifferent or bloody brilliant.
Across Pen y Bwlch from Moel y Ci
So what am I banging on about? I’ll tell you. In essence I’m not really taking photographs of landscapes but rather light on the landscape, the topography being but a stage on which light can perform.
So it’s all about the light and I don’t mean maybe!
Let there be light - Eryri

Morning light floods into Cwm Graianog

Glorious light - Blencathra

Pen yr Helgi Du and Pen Llithrig yr Wrach


~ by nicklivesey on January 28, 2012.

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