The edges of heaven

The Scottish highlands boast a profusion of sharp arêtes, Snowdonia a fair few and Lakeland a good many less. In fact I’d go as far as to say that in the old counties of Cumberland and Westmorland there are but two really narrow ridges, though if you’ve heard of any others I’d like to know for I must visit them immediately!
Rare solitude on Striding Edge

The edges of Sharp and Striding (on Blencathra and Helvellyn respectively) are two of the most spectacular ways a hillwalker can take to a Lakeland summit. On a fine summer day they can be traversed airily but easily with the minimum of rock handling though when under snow or ice they can be dangerous to those who venture upon them without the equipment or experience of the mountaineer. As with all classic ways they can be busy (sharp usually less so than striding), but go early or late in the day and it’s not unheard of to get them to yourself. Then, you’ll experience a very special atmosphere that can be lacking when the world and his wife decide to pay a visit.
Sharp Edge - Blencathra


~ by nicklivesey on January 28, 2012.

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