Nicholas Caged

Y Lliwedd from Crib Goch

Lately I’ve been reading reports and looking at photographs of folk out in the winter hills. Though conditions for winter climbing a not great –at least in Lakeland and Eryri- the walking and ridge routes look fantastic. Unfortunately, for the second weekend in a row it looks as though I’ll be stuck at home while others hit the heights which wouldn’t be so bad if this winter was like the last two. I can well imagine that come next weekend a major thaw will have stripped the hills leaving me with a sickening jealousy and loathing for my hill loving brethren!
Tonight I live in dreams, remembering days past and hoping that my winter won’t turn into a complete non event. There’s still a couple of months to go, but for now you can call me Nicholas Caged!

Sunrise over the Bidean nam Bian range from Am Bodach


~ by nicklivesey on February 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Nicholas Caged”

  1. I too have been seeing the lucky ones in the snow and hills Nick. Rest assured though, I’m sure we will experience the winter hills as the weather should be changing soon for a good month or two at least. Hopefully 🙂

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