Winter in the Welland Valley

No mountains for me this weekend but an early start and late finish nevertheless. Rising at 5am for a walk to Eyebrook reservoir I set out into the freezing pre-dawn for some ‘stunning’ shots of the frozen lake and hoar encrusted trees backed by a tremendous sunrise. The image I wanted to capture was fully formed in my mind and with the added bonus of mist I was in for a treat. Sadly, the mist turned out to be a stubborn freezing fog which refused to budge so I needed a Plan B.

On my way back home I headed into the woods and trawled tree fringed country lanes in an attempt to secure some pleasing images and make the most of winter in the valley.
Take me home
The second part of my day involved scouting out locations for sunset though in the end I plumped for Rockingham Hill, an old favourite right on my doorstep. Parking my behind on a handy log I waited and waited. Eventually the show started, turning the sky a ravishing orange and my lips blue as the temperature plummeted to -6. It was a happy man who trudged home through the snow to a warm fire and a medicinal swally!
Solitary Sheep



~ by nicklivesey on February 12, 2012.

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