Britain’s finest ridge scramble?

I haven’t been across Liathach’s narrow back or teetered across An Teallach’s Corrag Bhuidhe pinnacles…yet! Nor have I scaled the hallowed spires of the Cuillin, much to my regret. So, with that in mind I am ill equipped to spout forth on what I consider to be Britain’s finest ridge scramble.

I have, however, traversed the Aonach Eagach and I can tell you that it is a marvellous day out and one I would repeat in a heartbeat but is it the best? I think not, because for several reasons (if I may set the cat amongst the pigeons) a certain horseshoe in Snowdonia knocks it into 2nd or maybe even 3rd place. What do you think?
The Aonach Eagach from Meall Dearg

Update March 2012…NLMI is pleased to report that this shot is featuring on the cover of the spring 2012 issue of Summit-The official magazine of the British Mountaineering Council


~ by nicklivesey on February 14, 2012.

3 Responses to “Britain’s finest ridge scramble?”

  1. Aonach Eagach v Snowdon Horeshoe? Would you rather watch Barcelona for one game or have a season ticket at Hartlepool United?

  2. Not too sure about the ranking, love the picture

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