Llynau Eryri – Part One

Llyn yr Adar
Llyn yr Adar
Nestling in a shallow hollow on an aqueous tableland, Llyn yr Adar is one of, if not the most wonderfully situated llyns in all Eryri. It’s a peaceful and often lonely sanctuary where the only sounds you’re likely to hear are the whistle of the wind, birdsong and the gentle lapping of the water at your feet.

Looking around you’ll see virtually no sign of man’s deeds, only a barren landscape peppered with rocky outcrops and smaller pools surrounded by mountains large and small.

The llyn itself is unremarkable with only a small island providing interest; there are no jutting peninsulars, foaming cascades or sylvan forms to soften the view, in fact there is not a tree to be seen. The outlook is bleak and it is all the better for it!

What makes Llyn yr Adar special is the feeling it impresses on all who go there, and while I find it almost impossible to describe that feeling, it’s a place where one can tap into something very deep within that modern modes of being have all but numbed. Redolent of ancient memories, forsaken by all but connoisseurs and imbued with a keen though illusory impression of wilderness, Llyn yr Adar will haunt your quiet moments long after you have returned home and are far from its enchanted bounds.


~ by nicklivesey on March 3, 2012.

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  1. great post…

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