That perfect moment

At the end of the day
Many hillgoers will be familiar with this one…that perfect moment, usually on the summit of a big hill and always when they are alone with just their thoughts for company. The ascent can be a hard, sweaty fight against gravity and the pleasure attained often masochistic; the descent, tinged with sadness and jarring on long suffering knees can be equally disagreeable.

But, we who heed the call of the high places know that through struggle comes reward and at times that reward is out of all proportion to the effort invested. We enjoy every day we spend in the mountains even if sometimes that enjoyment is retrospective but now and then we experience that perfect moment, when the sun sinks low in the sky and the smoky tones of distant ranges stretch out to every horizon. Everything seems to make sense and we live one breath at a time.

We have come home.


~ by nicklivesey on March 12, 2012.

4 Responses to “That perfect moment”

  1. Quite a stunning photo Nick !

  2. excellent photo Nick.perfect light.just proves there is solitude and fabulous views.this should be a3 and have a natural talent for seeing potential shots.

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