A tale of two Garns

Llyn Dywarchen
It’s not often you get to climb two mountains with the same name in one day, but that’s what we did. Our first Y Garn was that shapely edifice that towers above Rhyd Ddu and is the first (or last depending on how you do it) peak of the Nantlle Ridge, one of the finest walks in Wales. It wasn’t the best day for photography but we muddled on and got a couple of acceptable shots! Anyway, it’s not all about photography and a day in the hills is always time well spent, usually leaving one happy and satisfied…except I wasn’t and wanted more.
On Mynydd Drws y Coed

So, over to our second Y Garn of the day for a chilly golden hour and an excellent opportunity to punish our legs as they obviously hadn’t suffered enough. Having shot at sundown on Elidir Fawr and now Y Garn I’m almost convinced the best vantage point in the range for such endeavours maybe neither of them ; I’ve a sneaky feeling Foel Goch has a lot to offer…we’ll see!
Cwm Glas

The final pull


~ by nicklivesey on May 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “A tale of two Garns”

  1. are these with the new camera?

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