Yorkshire Light

Skies over Almscliff
My climbing has been suffering this year. I’ve never been any good but until recently I was a solid HS leader knocking off the odd VS, HVS and one E1. Ok, so Three pebble slab is a contentious claim for my E1 lead but I going to have it anyway!

The reason for this dip in form? Photography! When I should be jumping on as many routes as possible I have been half hearted and keeping one eye on the light…what could be worse than struggling with a crux when all of a sudden a scene of sublime illumination presents itself?

So, I’ve been toying with the idea of leaving my camera at home when I go climbing which I’m sure would go some way to helping me solve the problem; a good idea in theory which I’ve yet to put to the test. I tried it at the weekend at Almscliff but failed miserably as I neglected to forsake the camera.

Luckily I was with Dr Bob, a very keen climber and fellow photographer (and N*kon user) so when our arms gave up and we’d had enough of falling off easy routes we sat and waited for some great light over this beautiful corner of Yorkshire.
After such a weak performance on the crag I was glad to have my 7D with me. However next time it’s staying at home…err, maybe!
Almscliff Evening

Into the light - Dr Bob

Up above the streets and houses...


"Go on, one more route"


~ by nicklivesey on July 31, 2012.

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