Sneaky Peak

Peakland Gold
After seeing my mate’s recent Peak District photos I started to panic a little. It’s my favourite season and I hadn’t had a chance to get to an upland area to sample the wonderful colours and it looked like I might miss out this year.

So, in a state of temporary insanity I got up for work at 4.30am but drove two hours to the peak instead, arriving just in time to leg it up Carl Walk for the brief sunrise and feeling very naughty indeed.

The light didn’t last long and it started to drizzle so I employed Plan B and went to Padley Gorge for a bit of autumnal long-exposure action.

After a snack in Hathersage I got myself over to Stanage where it was grey and windy. I had a hunch that sooner or later there’d be some decent light and decided to sit it out for a couple of hours. My hunch turned out to be spot on and I left a very satisfied but guilty man.

I was back home by 4, stopping on the way to change back into my work clothes before walking in the house, “What a day” I said to my unsuspecting better half…she’d better not read this or I’m sunk!
Peakland Dawn

Dawn over Higgar Tor from Carl Wark

Autumn Cascade - Padley Gorge

The Journey

Autumn Glow - Stanage Edge


~ by nicklivesey on November 4, 2012.

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