Snowdon – The finest mountain in Britain

Hard at work
It’s strange how things turn out sometimes; I’ve spent the last four days on or around Snowdon when my intention was to visit some quiet ranges such as the Rhinogs, Arans and Arenigs. I’ve managed to avoid the crowds with early starts and late finishes and even though I know the mountain well it’s been a revelation.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Snowdon, The finest mountain massif in Britain
Snowdon night flight




Eryri - God's country




Still Dawn- Llynau Mymbyr




Not so big now, are you Lucie?




Yr Wyddfa Aglow - Explored




Mountains, Sea and Sky - Snowdon's South Ridge




The Spirit of Eryri - Llyn Llydaw


~ by nicklivesey on March 5, 2013.

3 Responses to “Snowdon – The finest mountain in Britain”

  1. Superb photos as usual Nick, the lighting is stunning. When Snowdon is quiet and peaceful like that it certainly is one of the finest around.
    Btw It was a pleasure to meet you the other week.

  2. Stunning set of images Nick. You’ve managed to get a really beautiful, and fresh image from the clichéd Llyn Mymbyr and horseshoe. The last two are particularly stunning. Great job man.

  3. These photos are fantastic. Where there are mountains there is a different view every day.

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