Eryri – March 2013 – An Exceptional Week

Alpenglow - Pen yr Ole Wen, Tryfan and the Glyderau - Explored
My beloved Eryri, in the week running up to and incuding Easter weekend has been a mountain photographer’s paradise and as I write this I am exhausted after seven days of rabid activity.

It’s been a tough week, rest days have not been an option and I have endured some insufferably cold vigils alone on the tops, often in difficult conditions. The snow and ice has been incredibly variable in quality and I have had to call on years of mountaineering experience to stay safe, especially when descending at the end of the day in fading light while very tired.

I never fully feel that I do Eryri justice in my work and in reviewing the last week I haven’t changed my opinion. However, I’ve done the best I can for now, but I’m driven to work harder and capture even better images.

So here it is, a remarkable week…
Iceflow Ogwen - Explored




A lonely place




Drifter - Elidir Fawr - Explored




The night comes down




Ogwen - Explored




Eifionydd - Early evening on Elidir Fawr




The Snowdon range from Carreg Hylldrem - Explored




Marchlyn Mawr




Cairn of the Greyhound Bitch




Extravaganza Crepuscular - Explored




Elements - Elidir Fach




Alpine Wales - Tryfan




Golau Cymraeg - Welsh Light


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