A Home in Eryri – The First Two Months

A significant landscape - Carnedd y Filiast and Elidir Fawr - Explored
Two months ago I left behind the love of my life, my home, my job, friends, family and everything I knew to make a new life in Snowdonia. To say it’s been difficult would be a massive understatement and even now I am struggling to come to terms with the changes I have had to face. Each day is a battle with inexpressible feelings of loss, loneliness and regret, but I live in hope that maybe tomorrow will be the day I awake to find the pain has eased a little, from an all-consuming ache to a dull throb. As it is, I am still in shock and a sickening emptiness gnaws away at me from dawn till dusk.

To have thrown myself into my work would maybe have provided some comfort, but with summer upon us, good shots are increasingly hard to come by. Periods of none stop rain followed by hazy, blue sky days have left me at times frustrated and at others uninspired. If all this really had to happen then why couldn’t it have happened in autumn?

And then there are the ghosts…every mountain I look upon tells a tale of carefree days filled with joy and togetherness; days so perfect that if the world had been due to end we couldn’t have cared less.

So here I am, lost and alone in paradise and wishing the summer away as if it was an eternity in purgatory. I long for shorter days, crisp mornings, mountains burnished in golden afternoon light and most of all, to roam those hills and climb the crags again with the person who once made me whole. Those were the best days, the happiest I have ever known. Now, only memories remain.

I’m told that many of the images I have gathered in the last two months have an air of sadness and melancholy about them. Could that be possible? If so then then I have done a good job, for expressing emotion through the camera is what every landscape photographer should be trying to achieve.

With that in mind, I’ll leave it there for you to decide…

Images of Eryri – May – July 2013

Puffin Island





Light on the Lleyn





Nothing lasts forever





The birth of a brand new day - The Snowdon Horseshoe





Blue Hour - The Seiont - Caernarfon





Purple Rain - Penmon





Yr Wyddfa - The Monach of Wales





New Beginnings





Waiting - Llyn Peris





1min 30sec - Coed Aberdunant





Swept Away - The Afon Glaslyn





The Summit - Moel Ddu





Sway - Moel y Gest from Morfa Bychan





The Rhinogydd from Black Rock Sands





The heart of Eryri - Looking towards home from Y Cob





A Snowdonian Mountainside





Rhinogydd Moonrise





A golden bed of heather - The Carneddau from Moel y Ci





The test of time - Explored





Tranquility - Explored





Ogwen Dusk





A Misty Mymbyr Morning - Explored





Stormy Weather - Llynau Mymbyr





The land of the Dragon - Explored





Mymbyr Calm





Pterodactyl Country










Welsh Summer - Capel Curig and Dyffryn Mymbyr from Clogwyn Mawr





Touched by light - Moel Siabod





Home...Bryn Tyrch Farm





False Dawn





Cloudcap - Pen yr Ole Wen





Alone in paradise





Wishing I was there





The Vivid Vale





The Road Home





Better shared





Mynyddoedd - The Carneddau to Elidir Fawr


~ by nicklivesey on July 10, 2013.

4 Responses to “A Home in Eryri – The First Two Months”

  1. Absolutely stunning, gorgeous and evocative photos! So pleased I came across your blog and signed up for posts! Thank you

  2. Nick
    The photography is exquisite. I guess there is a certain bleakness in this unpeopled landscape but that is the way Eryri is.
    I do hope you find that which makes you happy and fulfilled with just the right amount of the right female company.
    Thanks for keeping up the blog and showing your work.

  3. I’m blown away by the light in many of your lush mountain images. They bring back memories of happy summers in Nant Ffrancon, staying with the Woodford Family (David Woodford is an incredible artist – you might like his work). Very tempted to paint from some of your images – if I do I’ll let you know. Aside from that, hope you find lots of healing soon from the pain and loss and I totally empathise. Janine

  4. Superb collection nick

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