The First Dawn


As anyone who follows my work will know, I get many of my best shots at dawn after dragging myself out of bed at ‘Stupid O’Clock’! Unfortunately, since I moved to Snowdonia three months ago I’ve not managed to capture that wonderful early light that excites me so much. There have been false dawns which have left me frustrated and I started to think that my luck had changed for the worse…until this morning that is. Things could, however, have been very different.

When the alarm went off at 4.30 it was a bit chilly and all I wanted to do was doze off again. I pulled back the curtain and saw that there were some nice clouds in the sky and cursed my decision the night before to go for a sunrise shoot. It looked promising so I couldn’t really justify staying in bed. Oh, the woes of a landscape photographer; at least I didn’t have far to go!

20 minutes later I was sitting in one of my favourite spots and started fearing the worst. A band of cloud was rising in the east which I thought might see off the chance of any good light at sunrise and I was right; come 5.30 the sun was still far below the cloud line and would take a while to appear, if at all.

I felt like packing up and getting some kip but the dilemma we face in these situations is one of do I stay and get nothing, or do I go and miss the action? I had a feeling that I might win this one and after an hour of sitting there something started to happen on the Snowdon Massif. I had to rub my eyes at first, such was the unusual nature of the light, but sure enough, patches of intense orange light were being painted onto the mountains.

The show didn’t last long and soon after the illuminations reached Moel Siabod it was all over. It was a happy man who, when back at home looked out of the window at a gloomy and de-saturated scene unworthy of the most casual snapshot. And to think, I could have missed it all!
Morning Flames - The Snowdon Massif

Good Morning Siabod


~ by nicklivesey on August 6, 2013.

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