Summer’s Gone

Cloudburst - Explored
It’s been a busy week for NLMI; workshops, mountains and dawn shoots have coincided with the return of that most wonderful of seasons, autumn. I’m now preparing myself for 6 months of feverish activity in the mountains in an attempt to create the best work of my photographic career. Now that summer has gone, I feel a change within myself. I can see beauty again, hear the voice of the mountains and once more feel the romance of this precious place. Snowdonia is coming alive with colour and changeable weather brings with it the drama and atmosphere I’ve been longing for.

Every year it’s the same; I float off into a world of nostalgia and roam the hills in wistful contemplation. This state of being is good for my photography. I see more, and the more I see the more I feel, the more I feel the better I see until winter comes, and with it a new set of challenges and myriad ways of delicious suffering for my art!

As it write this, the wind is howling down the Llugwy Valley, rain is hammering on the roof and Siabod is but a shadowy presence peering down on my home. I’m not sad that there’s no light this evening, I’m content to sit here watching the weather, warm and cosy as the storm rages outside. I can afford to be patient now, knowing that at long last an interminable summer is behind me and what awaits is nothing but beauty, drama and all that is best in the mountains of Britain.

We’re not quite there yet, but make no mistake, it has started and I’ve got the photos to prove it!

Moel Siabod - Late Summer





Spot-lit Valley





Stealth Clouds





Mymbyr Embers





Into the wild





The Valley - Dyffryn Mymbyr - Explored





Cwm Foel - The heart of Siabod





Summer's Gone


~ by nicklivesey on September 16, 2013.

One Response to “Summer’s Gone”

  1. Just superb as always ! You are an amazing and gifted photographer .Such sublime and magical scenes to provide inspiration and material too. Thank you for sharing again.

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