‘Livesey Light’ and the lack thereof!

Rock Island Line - Tryfan
Of late, folk around here have been describing a certain set of weather conditions as ‘Livesey Light’ which usually goes a bit like this…a dark, glowering sky with patches of brightly lit landscape. It’s certainly a trademark of my photography and I am flattered that it is being recognised. However, the moment I take a photograph with a clear blue sky –not my preference, I admit- I get told off; “That’s not Livesey Light” they say! More of that anon…
I’ve had two good sessions this week and the first was an after work trip up Moel Siabod where I had the summit to myself and found all manner of atmospheric conditions, including ‘Livesey Light’, an ‘extravaganza crepuscular’ and Siabod’s shadow being cast over ‘Bleaksville’ below. It wasn’t half cold up there and really blowy too, but I couldn’t tear myself away until the light had faded and my appetite satisfied. I then ran most of the way down, slowing only to stumble in darkness through the plantation above Plas y Brenin; summit to sofa in about 50 minutes and job done!
The next couple of days were almost unbearable as I watched through the windows of my workplace incredible scenes of temperature inversions with Mymbyr a cauldron of swirling gobsmackery. Would these conditions last until my day off?
The Lledr Valley - Explored


The magic of Eryri
Well, yesterday it was time find out and I dragged my hungover and grumpy self up onto Cefn y Capel, sweating and cursing at Rob and Julie for plying me with pints of Leffe the night before. Will I ever learn?
Once on the featurless tableland of the Cefn it was into the clag and although I know the lie of the land really well I felt a little bit naughty for not taking a map and compass with me. What would mountain rescue say when heaving me out of a bog? Now a lot, as I wouldn’t be calling them after my phone died a few weeks ago on Crimpiau in rather inclement weather! Anyway, where was I?
The weather men had hinted that there may be a chance of an inversion but it felt too warm low down so I forgot about that and put my head down in the name of getting some exercise. I took a break at the wall beneath the steep pull up to Gallt yr Ogof and swore I felt drizzle. Pah!!!
Onwards and upwards, the path seeming steeper with every step until I wondered if my eyes were playing tricks on me. Above was the faintest hint of blue. Game on. I breathlessly summited Gallt yr Ogof and waited for twenty minutes. It wasn’t quite happening and I realised I needed a bit more height so ran over to the next peak, Y Foel Goch. On my arrival I was left speechless and never have I been so happy to see a clear blue sky, for below was a sea of cloud, a full on temperature inversion for stretching as far as the eye could see. Before long the inversion began to dip into Cwm Tryfan and I sensed an opportunity to grab a shot from Llyn y Caseg Fraith, which, while not the shot I have in mind (that’ll need Livesey Light), one worth taking in such unusual condtions.
I wasn’t disappointed either and with a couple of good shots in the bag I walked back up Y Foel Goch where I had an hour’s kip before heading to the ‘Tynni’ for a bowl of chips and hair of the dog! So, it seems as though there’s more to mountain photography than Livesey Light but I’ll tell you this for nothing, I won’t be making a habit of it!
Siabod's Shadow




Close Encounters - The Snowdon Massif




The Dragon's Back



Mr Blue Sky - Llyn y Caseg Fraith


~ by nicklivesey on September 24, 2013.

3 Responses to “‘Livesey Light’ and the lack thereof!”

  1. Very good Nicky.

  2. Fantastic images, yet again Nick

  3. PINTS of Leffe?? I thought that was illegal!
    Breathtaking pictures.

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