Living in a bubble

Missed Opportunities

“He lives in a bubble, a dream world…off with the faeries”. How many times have you heard that? More often than not it’s a derogatory statement; in truth it describes my life here in Snowdonia perfectly. I have a lot of empathy for fellow bubble dwellers. If you believe what you read in the papers or hear on the telly the world is a place where despair, suffering and hopelessness dominate, a place where evil deeds outweigh the good. It is no surprise then, that some of us choose to be ‘elsewhere’; sometimes reality isn’t much fun.

There are alternate realities that we escapists habitually find ourselves in, some are more real than others (I have tried most of them) but the one in which I reside is surely the most authentic reality of them all, a total immersion in the landscape that surrounds me. I haven’t read a newspaper or watched the telly for almost six months and have very little idea of what’s going on in the ‘real’ world, and what’s more, I don’t want to know either. My view of the world is informed by the rhythms of nature, the changing of the seasons and the elements, be they fair or foul. There’s no spin, propaganda or celebrity brain rot in this little part of the world, just a plain and very simple truth.
I walk the hills alone - Carneddau Pony
At this point in my life, my raison d’être is to communicate to others my relationship with this special place. I have no choice; it is a compulsion, a labour of love. If I am to do full justice to my work then this kind of distraction free existence is essential and living here is a very large part of the picture(s).

When I sit on Siabod waiting –sometimes for hours- I feel like a part of the mountain. I live at her foot and see her every day in all conditions and light. As I ascend I look back, my home is in view, getting smaller with every step and giving my existence in the valley below context. Though I didn’t realise it at the time, when I was just a visitor my relationship with Eryri lacked commitment and the true feeling of communion. Things are different now and after a decade of frequent visits we’re only just beginning to get to know each other.
Nature's brush strokes - The Afon Llugwy - Betws y Coed




Leaves of the Llugwy




Rhaeadr y Parc Mawr


Wherever the mood takes me I go alone, always alone. Beside waterfalls or in narrow gorges the thunder of white water is a mantra, emptying my mind of all I left behind and stripping away from me any pretence, ego or notion of time and place; I could be the only man on the planet which just leaves me and the landscape. My job is to bring as best I can these moments to you. It’s an on-going process and I’m not there just yet, but my commitment is unshakeable; it’s a lonely journey, but let’s see where it eventually takes me…
Oggie - The coming of Autumn - Explored




A waking dream - The Afon Llugwy and Moel Siabod - Explored




Autumnal Mountainside








Llyn Idwal


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One Response to “Living in a bubble”

  1. Beautiful words Nick, a wonderful passion and vision, and of course, wonderful images. Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

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