My Autumn Dream

Eryri - God's Country - Explored
It looks like time is running out on my ‘Autumn Dream’. Outside my humble abode the wind is roaring down the valley and rain hammers against my windows. God only knows what it’s like on the mountains. I’m under siege and as every day passes more leaves are lost to the maelstrom. What’s left –and there’s still quite a lot- won’t be at their dazzling best, for this Autumn has been a wet one. The weather men tell me that for the next two weeks things are unlikely to change so it may be this time next year before I capture my dream images of Snowdonia…or maybe even the year after that. Who can tell?

Still, it’s not all doom and gloom. The next twelve days will see me out there in the valleys, beside the rivers and water falls, in the forests, on the lake shores as well as venturing onto the summits in a bid to bring home the best photographs I have ever taken. It’s going to be a huge challenge and I’m putting every bit of determination, patience and dedication I can into it. As someone very dear to me used to say, “It can only go one of two ways”…

If it doesn’t happen (which is likely) then I’ll be very disappointed but will console myself in the knowledge that the last couple of weeks have been excellent and my efforts have been repaid handsomely both artistically and commercially…it’s all good, or so I keep telling myself!

Oh weather gods, hear me now and give a guy a break will you?
Chasing light, dodging showers




Autumn Dawn - Cwm Foel - Explored




Communing with the Gods - Explored




The little house on the hill


~ by nicklivesey on November 2, 2013.

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